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Poor, Poor Stupid Tea Tantum Thowers, Their Queen Has Dissed Them Yet Again

June 4, 2010

One of these days the idiots known as the tea tantrum are going to figure it out. Sarah really doesn’t give a shit about any set of principles or any group of people unless she thinks it suits her immediate needs. Sarah is lookin’ out for number one and if she doesn’t think a particular person, slogan, or group is going to advance the one cause she actually cares about, that being her bank account, forget you. Today, the dumbass coalition of Iowa was presented with new evidence of just how little Sarah really cares about anyone but herself. She dissed the tantrum favorite, one Bob Vander Plaats, for a Terry Brandstad who just happens to currently be ahead in the polls, but not very attractive to the tantrum crowd. It’s fairly clear that she’s angling for an endorsement later on out of Iowa and she figures Barnstad has a better chance at winning.

So, the question is: when do these idiots stop believing their collective fantasy about her and actually start noticing what she DOES? I know, it’s more fun to just believe what ever the hell you want without having to think about pesky facts, but if you just look at her history, it’s pretty clear. This is the same woman who was ran the biggest pork gathering operation in the US, and then turned around and ran on a platform of anti-pork. She plays folksy while charging 300k worth of clothes to the Republican party. Think about it. She says whatever she thinks will work, so you have to look at her actions. Maybe somebody’s heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words?”

Oh, wait. Here’s a sampling of Iowa tantrumers from Sarah’s facebook:

ou do realize that creating a HUGE budget surplus (which seems good) just means that he took that much extra money from the taxpayers that he didnt need? Extra money in the state coffers from our taxes for what exactly? Oh yeah, for the democrats to pillage. Thanks Terry, that was fantastic.

The more I think about this endorsement the more it boggles my mind. Sadly, I agree with democrats on this one (hurts just to say), but this endorsement helps democrats more than anything.

Sarah, I use to be a huge supporter of you, but it seems as if you are falling into the “politics as usual” category that you condemned so much throughout your book. Very disappointed in you.

It is a shame that you endorse Brandstad. We do not need to have him back as Governor. If you would have done your research you would have found out that Rod Roberts is the best choice. He is a pastor-church planter with strong Christian Conservative principles. Check out his web site –

Hmm. Maybe someone’s starting to pay attention. That would be some kind of minor miracle.

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  1. Diane permalink
    June 5, 2010 12:59 pm

    Great picture!
    It seems that the Queen is not pleasing her subjects that much anymore.
    Will be interesting to see what the summer brings, she will be found out eventually. Let’s hope it does not take as long as it did for the country to see through Bush!

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